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Help You Grow, Tax Planning, Protect Your Assets: Feature


It is crucial that we cover the fundamentals that every business requires to have a solid foundation for your business to grow.
We will map out your current business and investments, your current plans, your new and upcoming projects and ventures as well as your capital requirements and funding. This will help us with implementing the right structure tailored to suit your business journey.
It may involve hands-on support in dealing with banks. You may find you need access to our network of contacts if you are looking at tapping into broader markets. Or perhaps you may require the very specialised support needed when acquiring a business.
We provide a solutions-driven approach aimed at helping people establish, grow and protect their business. We take pride in ensuring our client have real time access, regular contact and quality conversations with our team of advisors.
Do you have a tailored corporate structure to suit your business or investment journey?

Help You Grow, Tax Planning, Protect Your Assets: Service


Nobody wants to overpay in tax and nobody needs the stress of not having paid the right amount of tax.

We will help you and your business to minimise tax by keeping the you aware of the latest tax legislation and changes that impact you and your tax obligations.

Tax planning is an important part of our business. And your business! We will implement the appropriate structure to stream out those well awaited dividends or pay minimal tax rates to reinvest into your business. Ask us how.

Partnerships? Trusts? Companies? We make it easy for you to decide on the entities that you will require to conduct your trading business and special purpose vehicles for isolating high risk projects away from your bread and butter.

Things to consider include:

  • Taxation of companies

  • Trusts

  • GST reporting obligations

  • Payroll tax

  • Business structure

  • Individual circumstances

  • Superannuation funds,

  • Fringe benefits tax

  • Superannuation guarantee reporting

How do I access funds from my business that I can enjoy without paying excess taxes?

Help You Grow, Tax Planning, Protect Your Assets: Service


Are you concerned that with so many employees that one may get injured on a machine, a customer may sue for damages, or a mild cashflow crisis pushes a creditor into legal action against you. New legislation now is making directors liable for not only unpaid BAS statements (especially PAYGW) but also super guarantee after non-payment for three months.

As your accountant, we can review your situation so that the best asset protection strategy is in place to help alleviate your concerns.

It could be that you are a start-up or about to take your business to the next level. Why not start with the right structure for your business to minimise costs in future should you require to restructure. However, it is never too late! So do not be alarmed, we can provide detailed advice on an efficient strategy to restructure your current business should we identify any risk elements.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your risks are mitigated, and your business is protected against exposures.

You want a structure that can:

  • Save you tax dollars

  • Increase your profits

  • Reduce your business risks

  • Protect your personal and business assets

  • Enjoy your earnings

In business and in your personal life, you want peace of mind that your assets are protected. Owning assets through a trust provides a high level of protection from risk.

A trust is a legal arrangement where the trust and assets are controlled by a person or company (known as “trustee”) for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Assets held by the trust would be out of reach from any potential lawsuit against you because the legal title of the assets are held with the trustee and the beneficial interest of the assets belong to you, your family or your business.

The added benefits of trusts include income splitting to legally reduce taxes and passing on assets to future generations without any tax or stamp duty consequences.

Does your structure allow for protection of your hard-earned asset portfolio? Call us for a review.

Help You Grow, Tax Planning, Protect Your Assets: Service
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